Web3 OS


Web3 OS is not really an actual operating system with a kernel. Such endeavor would render the entire value proposition and goal we have set out for Web3 OS useless, and the goal is incredible web3 user experience
Artopia's Web3 OS is not a traditional operating system. Instead, it is an intuitive, cohesive, yet very familiar environment that harnesses the power of on-chain applications to deliver an unparalleled Web3 experience
The Web3 OS's UI is designed to emulate an actual operating system, creating a user-friendly experience that lowers barriers to Web3 adoption
Web3 OS runs natively on the cloud as a front-end application, while all backend services are distributed, ensuring scalability and resilience. Our aim is to build strong relationships with Web3 builders, dApps, and protocols, incorporating them into Web3 OS as added applications
Last modified 8mo ago